Adding Door Puddle Lights to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta

This guide covers the installation of the puddle lights to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta front doors as fitted in some countries and specifications of Mark V’s and to some models of the EOS. Along with the Door Warning Lights these really light up the area around the side of the car.

The light operates every time the door is operated and stays on after you close the door (longer than the coming home time) but turn off when you arm/lock the car. When you unlock the car they turn on and stay on longer than the leaving home time.


Adding puddle lights to the Volkswagen Golf or Jetta can be be achieved in two ways.

  • Purchase new mirrors with puddle lights fitted (estimated cost AUD$800/USD$400)
    • 1K1 857 507 BT 9B9 – Driver’s Mirror, power, heated, puddle lights (MY06 Golf/Jetta)
    • 1K1 857 508 BR 9B9 – Passenger’s Mirror, power, heated, puddle lights (MY06 Golf/Jetta)
  • Modify the existing mirrors to add a lense and suitable leds (estimated cost AUD$30/USD$25)
    • Trim Removal Tools
    • Selection of heat shrink tubing (3-5mm), soldering iron/blowtorch, solder
    • Vagcom/VCDS to code the door (this can be done before or after the install)

Volkswagen Golf & Jetta Door Controller Information Mark V has information on the door controllers. This guide was based on the install in my March 2008 build MY08 GTI.

First remove the door trim – Passengers Front Door Trim – Removal and Installation

The mirror cover – Removal and Installation of Mirror Covers from the Volkswagen Golf Mark V

And finally the mirror – Removal and Installation of Mirrors from the Volkswagen Golf Mark V

Extra cable to mirror

Adding extra cable to the mirror for the lights – this section can be skipped if you want to use the mirror heating cabling instead.

This is where the cable exits the mirror and enters inside the car.


This is the other end where the cable appears inside the mirror. Start by inserting the wire into the top and pushing inside.


The cable will be visible and you can fish it out with a suitable piece of wire.


Pull the wire through until you have almost enough to reach the controller. We need to wrap this cable next.


Using an exterior fabric adhesive tape – Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses – cover enough of the cable so that the part inside the mirror hinge and partway out each end is covered with two layers. This is especially important on the motorised mirrors that fold back.


Now pull the covered section through.


Leaving the uncovered section out like this.


Route the new cable as follows to follow the path of the existing cable.


And tape it to the existing loom.

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_wiring_09 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_wiring_10

This step identified Pin 10 as the positive power for the puddle light.


Insert the repair wire into the pin 10 position. Note. if you are using the mirror heater connection what you need to do is remove the pin from the mirror heater position and move it to pin 10.


Place a suitable piece of  heat shrink tubing (3.5mm to 4.5mm) on the repair wire, bare the ends of the repair wire and new wire to the mirror and twist them together before soldering.

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_wiring_13 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_wiring_14

Now pull the heat shrink over the connection and apply heat to shrink.

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_wiring_15 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_wiring_16

Using an interior fabric adhesive tape – Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses – wrap the new cable onto the existing mirror loom.


Replace the Door Mirror

Now reinstall the door mirror – Removal and Installation of Mirrors from the Volkswagen Golf Mark

Fit the puddle light and lense to the mirror

Depress the clips on the rear of the mirror at the points shown and pull the frame towards you as shown by the arrows and it will slide off.


Undo the two torx screws shown to release the mirror indicator and the lower housing from the mirror (torx T10)


Once the indicator and housing are hanging depress the clip around the middle of the indicator and the two will separate.

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_03 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_04

Work out where you want the lense to be installed taking into account clearance at the front of the mirror for the mirror assembly, the frame we removed earlier and the height of the LED module.


Drill from the inside of the housing using a hole saw  into some scrap timber (with paper towels on top if you don’t want to scratch the surface).

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_06 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_07

Next dremel around where the lense will go to increase the clearance for the LED module and to decrease the lip underneath the mirror housing.


Clean the surface with a suitable cleaner and apply some automotive silicone.


Push the glass into place and clean the excess off with mineral turpentine.

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_10 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_11

There will be a gap around the outside in which you fill with a 5 minute two part epoxy for strength. The silicone is mainly there for waterproofing plus the epoxy means after 30 minutes we can continue with the install. Remember to allow the silicone time to cure before you get it wet.

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_12 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_13

Fit the LED module into location and using 5 minute epoxy glue it into position, build the back up with double sided tape to provide mechanical strength.


The LED module glued into position.

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_15 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_16

Now reattach the indicator, route the wire (you will need to extend the stock wires, DON’T use the connector that came with it as they are useless and it will fail but instead solder the new ones and use heatshrink tubing) and check that the LED module is securely in place.

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_17 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_fitting_18

Removed the negative connection to the mirror and solder a wire to it and to the negative wire on the LED module before reattaching to the mirror. Use tape to connect the new wire to the mirror heater wire.

Note: If you are using the mirror heater wires for power detach the positive wire and solder a wire to it and the positive wire of the LED module but do not reattach the positive wire, instead pull it into the rear of the mirror and heatshrink it.


Both wires reattached to the mirror and the mirror surround frame slid back on.


Wrap the connectors up well to protect from water ingress.


Code the puddle light

Open the door controller, in this guide it’s the drivers door – 42 and select “Coding – 07”


Make a note of the coding value.


Add 2 to the coding value and select “Do It!” to save.


Select “Close Controller” to exit.


Replace the Door Mirror Cover

Reinstall the door mirror cover – Removal and Installation of Mirror Covers from the Volkswagen Golf Mark V

The finished product

volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_finished_01 volkswagen_golf_mirror_puddle_lights_finished_02

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  1. Hi guys just found out my golf R32 MY08 has very basic door controllers in 1k0 959 701 M they have no extra features in them so the puddle lights cannot easily be fitted to this..this also is applicable to adding folding mirrors and dipping while in reverse, the door controllers in the UK cost £200 each so can be very expensive, this also covers entry lights and door handle illumination as the pins are not physically present on the door controller .

  2. Would this be the same information for upgrading a NAR Golf TDI 2.0 with this system? Meaning, are the wire assignments the same? Thanks!

  3. I just retrofitted mine using the factory mirrors from a 2005.5 Jetta into my 2007 GLI. Wiring was straight forward, since it only involved uplugging the old harness and plugging in the new. I coded the mirrors by adding 2 to the current value, however, neither side is lighting up for me. I tested it in my garage with the lights off, so it’s not a problem with it being too bright for the RLS to activate the function. Any ideas?

  4. I have followed your directions to a T but no joy. Puddle lights do not work and I can’t figure out why. Can you offer and suggestions?

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