Removal and Installation of Mirrors from the Volkswagen Golf Mark V

See the guide – Passengers Front Door Trim – Removal and Installation – for details on removing the interior trim.

Remove cap covering the screw that holds the mirror on with a suitable tool to avoid damaging it.

volkswagen_golf_jetta_mirror_removal_01 volkswagen_golf_jetta_mirror_removal_02

The removed plastic cap.

volkswagen_golf_jetta_mirror_removal_03 volkswagen_golf_jetta_mirror_removal_04

Next remove the mirror wiring – the connector is located as indicated by the red circle.


Pull the red tab out away from the controller.


Now press down on the tab in front of the red tab and pull the connector out.


Next remove the housing from the holder by lifting the tab on the side.


Two of the screws can easily fall down inside the door, some super glue on the end of the torx bit will stop this from occurring.


Remove the two recessed screws first.


Remove the outside mirror followed by the foam insert.


Now remove the wiring through the panel.


Installation is the reverse of the above procedure.

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