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Install drainage for the Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) installed in a Golf Mark V

This guide is just one of the steps to installing a Golf Mark VI RVC into a Golf Mark V – Installing a Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) into a Golf Mark V.

The Volkswagen RVC Camera from the Mark VI has a drain hole under the camera in the housing and this does build up a substantial amount of water under the right circumstances, I found around a litre of water in the base of the hatch after a downpour and when the hatch was opened in ran down inside the area around the rear window. There are two problems with drainage into the rear hatch and one is that many Golfs have all three drainage holes plugged and painted over and the other is that not all water can drain but instead sits in the seam at the bottom of the hatch until the rear hatch is opened.

volkswagen_rvc_drainage_drain_under_camera volkswagen_rvc_drainage_drain_under_camera_inside

photos: the drainage hole at the base of the camera and the exit point under the camera.

I removed one of the drainage plugs in the middle and whilst it stopped the buildup of excess water I had concerns about the rear hatch long term especially when so much water can make it’s way inside the hatch. The Mark VI has a tube that drains to the outside and that’s what I’ve done here.

volkswagen_rvc_drainage_tube_original_install_01 volkswagen_rvc_drainage_tube_original_install_02

photos: original drain tube installed and drain plug removed.

volkswagen_rvc_drainage_drain_plug_removed volkswagen_rvc_drainage_drain_plug_installed

photos: drain plug removed and drain plug still in place (left side of car)

Drain Tube Comparision

volkswagen_rvc_drainage_tube_comparision_01The black drain tube is 8mm x 90mm
(widest part at the base is 17mm)
Volkswagen part number: 3C8 827 861 A (3C8827861A)

The clear drain tube is 6.5mm x  150mm
(widest part at the base is 12mm)
Volkswagen part number: 5K6 827 861 (5K6827861)

The Mark VI has the RVC mounted 35mm lower in the rear hatch so that drain alone will not reach the RVC drain.


photo: drain tube from a factory fitted RVC fitted to mark 6 GTI

Widening the drainage hole

The drainage hole needs to be widened to take the drain tube, using the drain tube mark a hole around 1mm larger than the tube, this hole has to be offset as shown or the drainage tube will not fit. If this guide is being read to retrofit the tube to an existing install read the instructions here  – Volkswagen Golf Rear Lid Trims – Removal and Installation.


Using masking tape mask up the area around the hole with multiple layers to protect the paintwork and tape over the surrounding areas to protect them from metal particles.


Put masking tape behind the hole and wedge some paper towels in there to stop metal particles from getting inside the rear hatch.


To increase the size of the hole use a diamond coated tip with a Dremel to remove the metal, I wore out three tips to increase the size of the hole.


Use a hacksaw blade or similar to protect the paint on the rear part of the hatch.


The hacksaw blade needs to be removed for the final widening of the hole.


Test fit the tube to make sure it has fits in loosely.


Push the tube in and fit it in place to check, it will take some force to fit the back in. To remove push the tube out from behind whilst levering on the outside part.


This tube is too short as the Mark VI RVC sits 35mm lower in the hatch, extending it will be shown in the next section.


Remove the tape and make sure there are no sharp edges.


Clean around the whole with a cleaning product in preparation for painting.


Paint around the hole with a metal primer to prevent rust.


Fitting the tube

After the primer has dried push the tube in.


The tube fits in under the lip on the bottom of the hatch so will require some jiggling around to force it under.


This tube is too short as the Mark VI has the RVC mounted 35mm lower.


Fortunately the other tube that was installed is made of a dense rubber and can stretch a bit.


Force it over the clear tube as far down as you can get it and trim the top to fit.


After fitting I applied some silicone to stop it from rattling against the sheet metal next to it and a few blobs to stop it working it’s way loose from the camera.

volkswagen_rvc_drainage_fitting_the_tube_06 volkswagen_rvc_drainage_fitting_the_tube_07

8 comments to Install drainage for the Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) installed in a Golf Mark V

  • Geir

    Where can i get the clear drain tube?
    When i search for the part number i only get the black one.

  • […] Install the drainage tube requires widening the hole in the rear of the hatch. The steps are documented on this page  – Install drainage for the Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) installed in a Golf Mark V. […]

  • francisco

    quien me podria decir que vale el sistema ese de camara trasera para el golf v y donde lo podria encontrar. gracias

  • Maverick – Did you have to actually drill out the hole in the center *completely*, or did you already have a hole and you just expanded it? My Mk5 (R32) has an existing hole on the right/passenger side, but the center “spot for a hole” seems to be solid (if it has a non-metal plug, it is painted over and feels like it is metal).

    I’m trying to figure out if I can just widen and use the existing hole on the passenger side (I have plenty of non-OEM vinyl hose that fits the little gasket correctly), or if I need to create a brand new hole in the center. Do you have any other holes in your hatch lid for drainage, or just the center one where you’ve added the drain hose? I’m guessing that VW put a drain hole back there for a reason (condensation drainage due to temp differences?) and I’m guessing I probably need to open up a new hole “from scratch.”

    • Maverick

      I had the drain holes in the hatch and all the had plastic plugs installed and painted over so I had to cut around the plug to avoid chipping the paint and remove the middle one. The hole that is left requires an increase in size but drilling is difficult as there is metal behind so I used a dremel.

      Every MkV hatch that I have seen had the three drain holes but some don’t have plugs installed in all three locations from the factory so there was a change during production.

      You can see from one of the photos what the plug looks like inside the hatch. Just having the drain holes doesn’t get rid of all the water due to their location so I suspect the holes are to do with manufacturing and not drainage especially considering they are generally plugged and painted over.

      I would use the centre location otherwise water may not drain depending on the angle of the car.

  • Ross

    I’m looking to find the dimensions of the rear seats, looking to see if I can squeeze 3 car seats in the back, width preferably…

  • Michael Anstis

    I went to a pet fish shop and bought some clear silicon air tubing and a few tube joiners. Fashioned a simple grommet by cutting one of the joiners in half, and cut the air hose to length. I didn’t need to make alterations to the car to make it fit, just moved the centre hole plug to the empty hole on the right side.

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