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Alignment problem with inner door handles in Volkswagen Golf Mark V

The inner door handles in the Volkswagen Golf Mark V can get out of alignment due to a design issue that causes rubber stoppers to fall out of the handle assembly into the door. These are easily lost when removing the door trim because of their size. The following shows the fix if you have the pieces, if you have lost one or both pieces you will need to use a small piece of rubber and cut to suit.

This should also be a valid warranty claim but doesn’t take long to fix and the new handles will suffer from the same problem.

The Problem

volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_side_before volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_top_before

before (above) and after (below) photos

volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_side_after volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_top_after

Rubber stoppers

One fits into two holes on the handle and the other is attached by double sided tape to where the rubber stopped mounted on the handle contacts.

volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_parts_required_1 volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_parts_required_2

Repair Process

The rubber stopper attaches into the two holes, whilst it’s a snug fit it clearly doesn’t stop them from falling out under specific circumstances. The handle is open in this photo, when the handle is released it contacts the plastic areas facing it.


Araldite (two part epoxy) was used to bond the stoppers to the surfaces, on the stopper mounted on the handle extra epoxy was added to the other side.

volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_2 volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_3

Finished repair

volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_finished_1 volkswagen_golf_handle_repair_finished_2

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