Volkswagen RNS 510 SWL Recovery CD for Gateway Error 202 or Boot Problems

Download Unofficial SWL recovery CD

This is used if the unit is stuck with Gateway Error 202 or similar and is unable to boot after the upgrade. It’s based on the 272x firmware but can be used to recover RNS 510’s running any version. Insert the media into the RNS 510 and start a new SWL process by pressing Setup + Eject +Info/Mic (top right hand button next to the DVD slot). It will attempt to restore a new SWL process and will enable it to boot up. (Thanks Josi)

Download Location

Download: Location 1
Filename: swl_fix.iso
Size: 3.75mb

Search: swl_fix.iso (filename: swl_fix.iso)

Alternative filename: 2720_fix.rar (size: 3.49MB)

49 comments to Volkswagen RNS 510 SWL Recovery CD for Gateway Error 202 or Boot Problems

  • up4anything

    my touchscreen on the rns 510 doesn’t work..,i already try this recovery file but nothing work..,
    i also try to patch back on the original 1200 version but it also doesn’t work..,when i try i get the swl error ecuorder.txt error reading hw version..,

    can anyone help me please???


    • PeteLeFreak

      Hi “up4anything”,

      same story here with my Columbus sitting in a Skoda Octavia2 face-lift…

      – after upgrade I lost touch-screen functionality (and also the upgrade failed)
      – downgrade to 1164 stopped with Gateway Error 202
      – using Josi’s 2720_fix.nrg helped to boot the device
      – but: touchscreen still not working, no audio from speakers, no navigation in MFD at cockpit

      Really frustrating…
      What can I try next (before walking embarrassed to my Skoda dealer)?

      Best regards,

      • josi

        Try to load 2680 software. As it is factory CD, it will reset everything. After update coding must be performed by VCDS or dealer VAS system to reenable audio and MFD display.

        • PeteLeFreak

          Hi Josi,

          thanks for your posting here this afternoon.
          I planned to visit the Skoda dealer today after lunch but thought to give it one last try before that with an image now burned on a CD with ImgBurn and 4x speed. So I prepared a CD with 266x and 1164. I tried the 266x first and the unbelievable happened: SWL success!!!
          Everything back to normal plus features from the 266x-version.

          I don’t wish all that stress and worries anyone.
          Consider to go and check first with your VW/Skoda-dealer if you haven’t done this flash-procedure before.

          Best regards and thanks again to Josi for all his efforts,
          Pete (happy again)

        • Carl

          Hi Josi,
          I got error 202 when I try upgrade my RNS510 last night, I found Pete was success finally when he was try back to 266x version. Can you help me know where I can download this 266x version? I also want to have a try, thanks a lot!

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  • Weske


    it is not working for me i tried your fix it is succesful but when i try another cd always gateway error 202
    thx for your help

  • Luis

    When loading my RNS510 2760 failed, the error occurred when I was loading the system, ie when the load empiesa the home screen and a white box in the upper left leaves a
    load bar fine which I fail to load. So I think that the starter is bad
    I think the only solution is to go straight through the board connectors
    base and reprogram the system to boot, theory for now, and I seek no more
    find anything.

  • kenneth s jensen


    kan se i er nogle stykker der har problemer med jeres rns 510 … har specialiseret mig i rns 510 seat/skoda/vw … kan dermed lave service på dem , har orginalt udstyr til og nulstille enheden, lave koden om vis denne er glemt, ændre opstarts logo, tv free evt ???

    skriv eller ring på 40797800

    • Curt Stender

      Hej Kenneth
      Har læst, at du har styr på RNS510, har forsøgt at ringe på 40797800, men nummer eksisterer ikke. Jeg har store problemer med min 510’er . Den starter og skriver “welcome to volksvagen” står et minuts tid, og slukker så. Så går der et min eller og så begynder den forfra, og kommer aldrig længere. Den har kørt uden problemer i meterne 4 år. Jeg har prøvet at reset’ e den med de 3 knapper. Den får også et input, mem det ændrer ikke noget.
      Kan du hjælpe mig?
      Mvh Curt Stender
      Tlf 61551780

  • Constantinos

    i have bought a RNS 510 from ebay (Lithuania).
    the unit came with SW 3800 and V7 maps (yesterday i installed V7.1 CD_7420).
    Actually i am not that satisfied because the antenna has started to loose the current position.
    What can i do about?
    Does anyone have any suggestion? (maybe CD_7388?)

    I am really worried about this unit for what the seller has done into it.
    is there any way to find out if this unit has been modified or has been object of an operation?
    or if this unit is stolen somehow?
    I want to be sure that in case i will try to upgrade, the unit won’t freeze for ever and loose my money.
    is there any way to check it in order to avoid upgrade and keep it this way (so far it plays normally all the functions).
    So it might be more convenient to avoid any upgrade and let it live with SW3800

    • Michael

      You have different possibilities: Put the device out of the car and take a look at the (warranty labels) scribal abbreviations. If they are ok, the unit was not opened! You should also compare the Numbers (identification) that are printed on the Device!

      your second possibility is to have someone who has an RNS510 Manager;)

      Normaly if your unit has now broken warranty labels the unit has not been opened and you could update without any problems!


  • Michael

    i read so much about RNS510update, and i decided to do it. I have an A version made from Siemens (not Continental) (originaly HW:04, SW:1020). The unit is absolutely not stolen (I bought it for 3 Years at my Volkswagen dealer) and I get, the same as many other, the gateway 202 Error at 87% (10%gateway), by updating to 1100. I put in the 2720 gateway error recovery CD and now the unit works again on 1100, so far so good. BUT the steering wheel buttons are completely disabled (coding with VCDS, I had no sucess)…before on 1020 they were working. So I think, this was the problem of the gateway error 202, so that the buttons are not able to communicate with the Navigation any more…
    When I try SW 1020 or SW1200, my unit will always stuck on Gateway Error 202…what is the Problem?! The unit works absolutely fine, except steering wheel buttons!
    My question: has anyone the same problems, and was anyone possible to fix it? Does anyone, with an Siemens RNS510,succeeded in Updating it completely?

    Thank you very much! Michael

  • lupobiricchino

    aiutatemi il rns 510 schermo bianco nn posso mettere il cd di ripristino perchè il lettore cd nn prende più il cd/dvd come posso fare…. :((((

  • JImmy


    The is down, any chance for release on other server? The same about 2720 firmware modified for units A.

    Thanks in advance

  • Alexey

    Becouse Megaupload is closed, have anybody link at content for SWL Recovery CD.
    Many thanks!!

  • jerry

    my touchscreen doesn’t work. I have read the above messages but if i use the 26xx firmware i am getting on this field, where i have to push OK or cancel. Neither work because the touchscreen doesnt work. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • Henning

    I have the same problem at the moment, when the touchscreen is not working, try the skip buttons at the upper left corner and then the right button at the lower right (the round button on the other side of the loudness button).

  • succes bad pin code dis original pin kode put is not correkt

  • Hoow code swl_fix_iso navigation pin kode

  • araujo

    I trie to upgrade my rns 510 and wen arrive to gateway upgrade he stoped and sitll black sreen. he dosen´t work animore. can anione help me to reboot the rns?

  • Have Columbus 510 with continuous re-boot problem. Used swl_fix and it went all the way through its procedures telling me at the end that the update had been fully successful and the car should start of removal of disc. Unfortunately it didn’t and the problem is not solved. Any Ideas?

  • Daniel

    Hi Does Anyone Know How Long The Recovery Takes?

  • Dušan

    Hello, I applied a SWL fix and after it 4020 original, and unit is OK

  • Hashim

    any one has an updated file the the SQL_FIX?

    All links seem to be down since this post is about 2 years old?

  • Alessio

    I need this tool too! Someone has the iso file to send by email?
    Thanks to all

  • JJ

    Nice … just saved me some big bucks.

  • Peter

    Hi mate,

    Did you end up getting it fixed?

  • Peter

    Hi Josi,

    I appreciate what you have done for the community with these support and firmware downloads.

    I recently tried to update to 5238 and got half way 68% and my car battery ran out of battery.
    And from there i couldnt do anything to try and fix it. Attempted to run SWL Recovery and it goes SWL – Updating 100% and reboots.
    Then my RNS-510 freezes at radio screen, cant press anything etc. After that was done i tried to update to 4020, but i get EcuOrder.txt error.

    Can you please try and help me?

    Thank you

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  • denis

    anyone has idea how to fix rebooting problem with skoda colombus rsn510? unit is keep re-boothing and repeating samething.

  • Graham

    Hi all,
    I’m having the dreaded re-boot issue too. This happened to me about 18 months ago on my 09 Skoda Superb Columbus and managed to fix it ok with 3810a SWL re-install. However this time round this method isn’t working.
    I have pressed the Eject & i (mic) and Setup buttons together to reset the unit, which defaults back to the red bars top and bottom prompting for the SWL software to be inserted.
    After inserting the 3810a disc, all goes perfectly well until it attempts to load the AAPL (?), which hangs at 5% for around 3mins, reports of a Software loading error (010303) – ‘SWL ERROR’ – ‘Error – APPS – Fragment File Read’.
    The text below the main error message reads ‘A SWL error occurred and now the Maximum SWL Error Count has been reached. SWL is now blocked until a power cycle is instigated using the buttons Eject & i (mic) and Setup buttons.
    and spits out the disc. Have also since tried the SWL fix iso. This gives me a SWL success message but then switches the unit off. I attempt to switch it on again and it simply loads the splash screen and turns off again. Am I missing a trick? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Gabriel

    Can you guys help me out on my RNS510. Out of the blue my when I turn on my radio it will show the VW Logo and then it will go blank screen. I tried to reset it but it’s still the same. Can you guys tell me what’s going on? Thank you in advance.

  • Chris

    Hi I got this message when trying to upgrade my firmware. It keeps doing it everytime I try upgrade. I was just wondering how I can fix this? And now my Rns 510 keeps freezing on boot up.

    I hope you can help

    Many thanks

  • Danny

    Hello.i have boot problems .the welcome screen have continous loop.i have downloaded the file from here which have 3,5 mb but no succes.this is correct file ? Or must something elsr to have on cd together with the file? Can you help me please josi? My rns is a b version.


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  • Dickie

  • jayson

    My multimedia radio touareg ask me to insect swl cd what can I do, can some help pls

  • Redyak

    I got the same problem as first person on my columbus (RNS 510 Skoda):
    – Continious bootloop at first
    – After getting the unit off the power i get the unit to boot but it is stuck on PINCODE , touchscreen is not responding
    – Trying to update an the FIX cd’s (2720/3980), touchscreen works perfect but al versions (1200/2660/2720/2850/3980/4020/5238) return errors
    – After pressing twice oke it starts but at 3% SWL is reboots or quickly fills to 100% and reboot , returning ECUORDER.TXT error : No HW version found, No Proj. Mapping etc. WITH red BOX SWL ERROR
    It was an original Skoda Columbus A unit (C8/C9) 3TO..5680A HW41 with firmware 2724 upgraded to 3980 for 3 partitions worked 2 year without problem and got a 3TO..5680B code now with HW41
    I though the HDD was faulty and bought a new one but when i insert it my dvd player stops working. Without an HDD or the original one it works perfect.(i use verbatimCD’s on 2.4x and 4x speed (the same cd’s worked 2 years ago)
    I tried al these solutions with te unit out of the car.
    Someone a suggestion ? Will a martech cable or something like that help me to program the unit back to an A version HW41 so that CD will recognize it?

  • Rory

    Hi anyone help, rns510, c grade randomly stopped working, no touchscreen functions, radio won’t work, speakers won’t work, steering wheel buttons won’t work, nav or any buttons on rns510 won’t work…

    I disconnected battery to reset it but I needed radio code, I got the radio code but can’t enter it cause the touchscreen doesn’t work… I have a friend who Said he can system update it but apparently it keeps saying error when he loads it up…

    I have recently bought sat nav update for 150 pound and can’t use it 🙁

    Anyone please help this Is really frying my brain!!


    Emails would be preferable and welcome

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