Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrade 0090 KW33-2009

Firmware Changes

Version 0090 – production (from week) KW33/2009
(any MDI’s produced or fitted in the factory from week 33 2009 onwards should have this version fitted out of the factory)

See Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrades for the latest version.

General Notes

See Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrades for general information on the firmware updates including restrictions, file formats and connectivity.

Firmware is for units with a software version of 0090 or greater, if firmware is unable to be updated or you have already flashed this version it will not load.

  • Download the firmware from one of the links below.
  • Extract the file using your preferred ZIP or RAR tool.
  • Copy the file mdi.bin.enc in the root (top) level of a USB flash drive and insert this into the USB cable.
  • Turn the headunit on or start the car and the update will proceed. If the MDI is selected the status will be displayed.
  • After around 1 minute the update will complete and the USB flash drive may be removed.

VW MDI 0090 KW33-2009 Firmware – RAR

VW MDI 0090 KW33-2009 Firmware – ZIP

Possible Error Messages during the update process

  • Update with older version is not possible
    • The file on the USB flash drive is older than the software version on the MDI.
  • Update on the same version is not possible
    • The file on the USB flash drive is the same as the software version on the MDI.
  • Update file is corrupted or damaged
    • Re download the file and start again
  • Multiple update files found
    • There are multiple update files in the root of the USB flash drive, delete the older versions and start again.
  • Update was terminated
    • An error has occurred in the update, start again.

17 thoughts on “Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrade 0090 KW33-2009”

  1. Couple questions…

    1) How do you know if you have the VW MDI KW33? Is that standard on all new cars?
    2) Are there any release notes? What is this expected to fix?

    1. It would be marked on the outside of the MDI (the software version is on the label IIRC) and there are no release notes so I’m assuming just bug fixes and better compatibility with digital music files.

  2. My Skoda did not come with an USB cable unfortunately; I only have the cable for iPhone/iPod. Is it also possible to install the update via SD card or some other possibility?

    1. The update would have to be run from the MDI (not the head unit) so unless it’s possible to run from the iPhone/iPod which is doubtful I’d say the USB cable is required.

  3. Hi! I bought a VW Polo 2010 yesterday. When I try to connect a iPhone, touch or a Apple Nano I get a message saying “Device not supported” I have the Media-In cable, and a ipodcable. I cant figure out what the problem is, does anyone of you know?

    1. You have to use the VW ipod/iphone cable. You can’t use the VW usb cable as this is only for the attachment of USB storage devices.

    2. Eldar, you have to turn the aux media input on (in Settings) before you connect the cable, or it won’t see the device. (I just had this problem with my new GTI.) Check the manual if your’e not sure how to change this setting.

  4. I tried this update on my 2010 JSW TDI, and I got the following error:
    Software update is not possible.

    No reason as to why. I have no idea if I have the latest firmware, but it is incredibly buggy (iPod track names sometimes don’t change from song to song, playback skips, etc.)
    Any ideas?

  5. Tried updating firmware for MDI in my VW Golf VI (Bluemotion) but only message in screen is ‘sw update failed’

    The ‘normal’ error messages when attaching my Ipod Nano include:

    – Device not supported
    – Media device not functional
    – other crap

    whilst on Ipod screen I can see it is ‘taken over’ by MDI system…I’m starting to hate this Multimedia thing, because it’s buggy and bloated. I could live with the Eur 42 cable if the bloody thing just worked….

  6. Has anybody had problems with there ipods, I have had both my nano & 60gb ipod crash/break and now know longer work as a result of connecting them to my new vw polo 2010.

  7. Hi Steven,

    I have the same problem. Either my Ipod Nano, Iphone 4, HTC HD works in my new Polo 2010.
    I thought Ipod and Iphone was compatible!

  8. I have a problem with media-in & iPod Nano. The Browse button does not work as expected: it can only show the content of the /songs folder, meaning all the songs are in alphabethical order according to their names. It’s very hard to find a song from a list of ~1000 songs.

    Does anyone have similar problems?

  9. I just taken delivery of 2010 polo with MDI and have connected my ipod classic and can do browsing and just about select the album I like to listen to but can only play 1 song then it changes to the next album and does the same.
    How can I play a album.
    The instruction manual is a let down!

  10. I’ve just purchased a NEW gulf Comfortline waited 12 weeks for delivery, however like every one else I get “device not supported” with my new ipod Nano. Answer from VW AU problem over come use the AUX-IN, Vehicle’s MEDIA-IN would have had latest software before delivery. Now I’m told a VW patch cable @ $90+ would fix the problem. Ignorance is bliss.

  11. While my issues is not data related, I’m wondering if anyone knows about or has encountered this.
    2013 Jetta Sportwagen / Factory radio and MIDI adapter cable to USB
    Reg Samsung GS5 –
    We know USB port standards include charging specs. Therefore charging only should not be an issue
    However –
    > I connect my GS 5 (using USB 2 or USB 3 Samsung cable) or GS5 Active USB 2 (only option)
    > Phone recognizes charging
    > After a few seconds, it stops charging – like it got disconnected
    > Starts charging again – this cycle continues
    > this does not happen with ANY other USB vehicle connection or chargers used, or other cables.
    > Strictly a VW USB MIDI port issue

    > Is the VW MIDI port not providing a standard voltage?
    > Is this a software/firmware issue?
    > can this be corrected?
    > Are there any solutions?


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