Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware version 2680 / 2682 / 2684 / 2686 / 2688 new features

New features after the RNS 510 firmware upgrade from 1100 / 1102 to 2680 / 2682 / 2684 / 2686 / 2688

For problems and warnings with the firmware upgrade see  Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade to version 2680 / 2682 / 2684 / 2686 / 2688

  • Voice Control (requires microphone – see Volkswagen RNS 510 Microphone Connection for voice control)
  • Speed Limit Display
  • Male and Female Voices
  • Stability Improvements
  • Faster Operation
  • Faster Startup
  • Display OPS and RVC at the same time
  • SDHC 32 GB Support (HW04 and above)
  • Display Off on extras tab
  • Climatronic control if appropriate climatronic fitted
  • Clock display if RNS 510 switched off (fixed – was buggy on 2660 / 2662 / 2664 / 2666 / 2668)
  • Excluded roads (under route options)
  • GPS coordinates entry
  • Improved route calculation
  • Additional adjustments for video
  • Larger RVC screen with transparent menus at the side
  • Navigation destination input can be deactivated when vehicle is in motion – see Volkswagen RNS 510 navigation warning when vehicle is in motion

14 thoughts on “Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware version 2680 / 2682 / 2684 / 2686 / 2688 new features”

  1. Hi,

    Can I use this firmware for my Skoda Octavia (September 2009) with RNS510 build in from factory?
    (I do know that I need to re-install music and map data after upgrading)

    Will there be an official firmware release soon which can be installed/upgraded by the Skoda garage people?


  2. This firmware resets your Columbus to it’s default values witch means that if you own the Skoda Sound System your sub-woofer wont work anymore, this needs to be corrected using VCDS by your dealer or someone with VCDS at home.

    Firmware 266x and 120x are upgrade CD’s with will not erase your HDD an reset your Columbus, maybe you should try 120x first…

  3. Firmware 266x has the regensburg syndrome as I have read somewhere. When you power on your navi, it will be located in regensburg (germany).

    I have no Skoda Sound System so the problem that my subwoofer will stop working is not a issue.

    Are there more things that will stop working as it will go to the factory defaults? (eg. climat control indication, steering wheel)…

  4. whan i put this soft Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware version 2680 / 2682 / 2684 / 2686 / 2688 on my golf mkV stopt working multifunktion steering wheel, sombady now way?

  5. Can I use this SW for Australian VW RNS510? I have read some comments about region code and wondering if this SW will load OK and then accpet Australian maps from Aust Map CD? thanks

  6. Hi all gays
    my(08) jetta & i have RNS510 there is no [Stability Improvements] & [Climatronic control if appropriate climatronic fitted]
    can you help me how to do ????

  7. I need that version but can’t download any files because of links.
    Now rapidshare need permission to share files with others.. have that on permissions and you have to check it!

  8. hi can someone share a link for valid software for 3T0035680A HW:H05 SW:2684 (04.12.2011) ??? OR ANONE within 100 miles from lincolnshire who could help me out to fix mine? my software failed and every version i have tried came out with error thanks
    superb mk2 columbus with satnav

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