Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Pinouts

Bluetooth connector removed from holder
Bluetooth connector removed from holder

Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Pinouts

Red text is at the headunit end.

1 V+ to pin 16 (actually pin 15 on harness)
2 V- to pin 12
3 Telephone ON
8 Audio LF Signal out + connected to be connected to pin 12 con 3
9 Audio LF Signal Out – connected to be connected to pin 6 con 3
10 Screening Term 31
11 Mic in +
12 Mic in –
15 K Line
16 Mute
17 CAN Hi to pin 9
18 Can Lo to pin 10
37 Switched positive term for phone charging
39 Term 31 -ve
41 Interface to mob phone Term 30
42 Mic Out +
43 Mic out –
44 Screening Term 31
45 Audio LF Sig input +
46 Audio LF Sig Input –
47 Wakeup lead to phone bracket
49 Serial Tx comms with tele bracket +ve 50 Serial Tx comms with tele bracket -ve
51 Serial Rx comms with tele bracket +ve
52 Serial Rx comms with tele bracket -ve

Bluetooth being removed from holder
Bluetooth being removed from holder

16 thoughts on “Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Pinouts”

  1. hi there, I´m looking to install the BT unit in my car actually I did order de parts at the dealer, but were not able toi get the wiring loom, so I decided to doit my self

    but have one question, though, on th pic of the blue conector ( for the BT module) it shows a cable (blue wire) on pin 15 wich is K line or DLC where to is conected this cable?


  2. Hello,

    I am making my own loom at the moment and saw the picture op the connector.

    Can you tell me where the cable number 15 and 16 lead to. do they go into the head unit?


    1. 15 and 16 are not required. Muting occurs over CAN bus and the K Line is for Audi models.

      The photo in the connector was a generic wiring loom that included these if you installed into an Audi.

      All you need is 1 and 2 (power), 8 and 9 (audio for headunit), 11 and 12 (microphone in from microphone (or routed through the RNS 510 for voice control)) and 17 and 18 for CAN bus interface.

  3. Hello Maverick,

    The car is a Skoda with a standard RNS 510, i build in a audi A3 bluethoot unit.
    It works for so far, only thing is that when i call i don’t hear a thing. The funny thing is when i get called it works fine. I didn’t adap any settings to my RNS yet.


  4. If I have Touran 2005 should I insert some were wire 15 (K-line) from Bluetooht? Al lcommunication is via CAN and in a fact going to CAn gateway.

  5. Hey Maverick, I wonder if it is possible to activate, If such thing exist, short and long presses on the ” mic ” key on a CC, prior to installing th BT the key work as a Mute key , and I think I saw o read somewhere that there were short and long press commands I mean short press to mute and long press tu voice commands

  6. Hi there been searching the net for ages to get this info, have used this site before but didn’t know you had this page…just a massive thanks for sticking this info on the web god knows where you find this stuff out, have my harness from which is actually the KUFATEC one, getting 1Z0 035 729 B and antenna from local Skoda dealer can’t wait to fit…

  7. One more thing – newer Phone Preparation has two more wires:

    4 Audio RF Signal Out + connected to be connected to pin 11 con 3
    5 Audio RF Signal Out – connected to be connected to pin 5 con 3

    I believe this is for A2DP broadcast in stereo.

  8. Hey Friends, I have a question. I have new buttons 3C0 035 624 B with mute, bluetooth and call button. Do you know the pinout of this new button unit? At the bottom I have 54pin connectro to BT module. Last entry from Abdel is valid for olders buttons…

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