Changing the Volkswagen RNS 510 Colour Scheme

Volkswagen set the colour schemes as follows, changing the colour scheme is easy to accomplish with Vagcom/VCDS.


Highline: Tiguan, EOS, Golf, Golf Plus, Sharan NF and Passat


Sportsline: Golf R32, Golf GT, Golf GTI, Scirocco, Passat R36


Premium:  Touran, T5 – Multivan, Touareg, Caddy, Passat CC

Using Vagcom/VCDS open Channel 37 – Navigation


Select “Coding – 07” to start the coding process.


Click on “Long Coding Helper” to start the “Long Coding Helper”


Go to Byte 7 and select via the dropdown box the variant that you want to use.


volkswagen_rns_510_changing_display_variant_highline_001 volkswagen_rns_510_changing_display_variant_highline_002

volkswagen_rns_510_changing_display_variant_sportsline_001 volkswagen_rns_510_changing_display_variant_sportsline_002

volkswagen_rns_510_changing_display_variant_premium_001 volkswagen_rns_510_changing_display_variant_premium_002

After you have made your selection click on “Exit”


The new long coding will be visible in the yellow box (not in this example) and press the “Do It!” button to save the changes.


Exit Vagcom/VCDS and reboot the RNS 510 by pressing the < and > buttons on the left side of the DVD slot and whilst holding them press the far right info button next to the dvd slot. The new colour scheme will not display until the unit is rebooted.

On the Skoda Columbus you cannot change the colour scheme as it’s always set to a version of premium.

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