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Upgrade Golf Headlights to Osram Nightbreaker

Upgrading to the Osram Night Breaker +90 in the Golf makes a reasonable difference to the throw of the lights and a substantial difference to the colour.

Osram Nightbreaker

Osram Nightbreaker H7

Osram claim up to 90% more light and up to 10% whiter light which from what I can see is pretty accurate.

The standard globes fitted to the Golf were reasonable but could certainly be improved, I would recommend taking optional bi-xenon lights where possible but unfortunately in my case I ended up having to settle for a car without them or face an additional 3-4 months delay.

It’s hard to show the difference the light makes in photos but you can see the difference in output and throw clearly when you’ve changed one globe. The comparative picture from Osram shows the difference between standard and the Nightbreaker +90’s.

Overall I would estimate the additional output/throw to increase the distance from which you can see to be around 20%.

These globes were purchased from Powerbulbs who offer free shipping worldwide.

At the same time I fitted the Philips BlueVision W5W globes to replace the parking lights which were quite yellow looking. These were included free with the order from Powerbulbs and make a big difference.

8 comments to Upgrade Golf Headlights to Osram Nightbreaker

  • Having had these on for a while, do you think this is a worthwhile upgrade?
    I couldn’t see a huge amount of difference with the pics above; have you seen any other pics in forums of this upgrade?

    Did you pay more or less than this seller’s current sale?
    SALE! 20% off! Osram Nightbreaker
    Code: OSSNBH7
    Was: £29.95 Only £19.19 with FREE DELIVERY


    • Maverick

      There is a big difference between the two, it’s hard to see it in a photo but the light is thrown further and it provides better illumination whilst providing a cooler colour. Highly recommended upgrade.

  • is this better than Philips Diamond Vision 5000k ?

  • John Carpenter

    I recently fitted main beam Nightbreaker H1’s in my Altea (same reflector combination as Golf).
    Because of the improvement I fitted H7’s in the dip.
    The filaments are not in the right position for the Golf/SEAT dip reflectors making the beam pattern produced by the nighbreaker H7’s very cut off and dangerously near the car. I have had to alter the adjustment om my lights to raise the dip beam but the light pattern continuity when the main and dip are on together is still not good. The whiter light is an improvement and worth the money.

  • Chico

    Cheers for the write up on these bulbs Mav. Used discount voucher as suggested and got the H7’s and W5W’s delivered for 17 pounds. Thanks again. Rob

  • Chico

    Bulbs arrived this morning. Dipped Beam easy to fit, Parking lights require a little patience (and force) to remove, particularly the drivers side which requires some contortion.

  • Cameron

    Chico, I gently used some pliers to get my parking lights out. You can grip softly on the rubber grommet thing that holds them in. If you slowly twist from side to side it will pop out easily enough and doesn’t cause any damage to anything.

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