Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Model Differences

There are currently four versions of the Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth available.

This kit can now be factory fitted in some countries (code is 9W3 hence why some refer to this kit using that code)

1Z0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A)

  • For white dot MFD cars (CC , Mark VI, MY09 Passat)
  • Production until 25/05/2009
  • Replaced by 1Z0 035 729 D (1Z0035729D)

1Z0 035 729 B  (1Z0035729B)

  • For red dot MFD cars (Tiguan, Mark V, MY08 Passat and earlier)

1Z0 035 729 D (1Z0035729D)

  • For white dot MFD cars (CC , Mark VI, MY09 Passat)
  • A2DP
  • Production from 25/05/2009 to 22/06/2009
  • Replaced by 1Z0 035 729 C (1Z0035729C)

1Z0 035 729 C (1Z0035729C)

  • For white dot MFD cars (CC , Mark VI, MY09 Passat)
  • A2DP
  • Production from 22/06/2009

1Z0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A) = 1T0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A) = 5P0 035 729 A (5P0035729A)
1Z0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A) = 1T0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A) = 5P0 035 729 A (5P0035729A)
1Z0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A) = 1T0 035 729 A (1T0035729A) = 5P0 035 729 A (5P00035729A)
1Z0 035 729 A (1Z0035729A) = 1T0 035 729 A (1T0035729A) = 5P0 035 729 A (5P0035729A)

37 thoughts on “Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Model Differences”

  1. Hi Mav,

    So only the Version B is compatible with the MKV Pirellis?

    The user Technics from the Golf V site seems to suggest that there is a Version D available for the MKV cars. Do you have any insight into this.

  2. My golf 6 is built 20.6.2009 (radio:rcd510). Can this box work for my car: 1Z0 035 729 D ? Or does it should be 1Z0 035 729 C?

      1. I have a factory-Installed 1Z0 035 729 A in a red dot 09 Jetta TDI. The phonebook shows up on my RNS510, and the phone and mute buttons work fine on the MFSW with full support for voice command. However the red dot MFD does not display any phone-related menus. Why did the factory install the ‘A’ version on a red dot Jetta? How can I re-code to support red dot phone menu display? What is the recoding required to change the voice prompt language from UK English to US English?

  3. does anyone know if audi bluetooth parts are interchangeable? I have audi premium bluetooh module 8P0 862 335 and was wondering if it can be used in Tiguan?

  4. Confusion over phone kits.

    Hi, I have a UK 2009 CC which was delivered 10/09/09 so I’m thinking manufacturer after 22/06/09 therefore needs the 1Z0035729C kit.
    Firstly what is the difference between the D and C kits? And what is the difference between these and the Premium OEM kit?
    Also, I have the RCD510 headunit which supports bluetooth audio streaming. Does this mean that to install bluetooth phone connectivity I have to swap out the module and all the cabling will be in place?


  5. HEllo, will the: 1Z0 035 729 D work in a Golf V 06 modell with RNS 510 A with 1100 firmware and newer, and the small MFD. The half one, the 5P0 035 729 D works. is that for Skoda? 1Z0 is that for skoda to?

    Hope on a fast answear=)=)

    Thansk a lot.

  6. Hello, so you have the 1Z0 035 729 C version in a Golf with half hight MFD? and it workk with telephone menu on the RNS 510? you get up the telephone book etc??

    Hope you can answear me=)

  7. I have a 2008 Passat without Navigation.

    I would need to install 1Z0035729B correct? Good with hooking up stuff myself, just getting confused on what part to order for my car. Would love some educated advice.

  8. Does anyone know anything about the 1Z0035729E version? Will this work with Red Dot on mkv Golf?
    Am i right to say, the difference between the B version and the C/D is the lack of A2DP feature (to support BT audio music) and to use on red mfd?


  9. I have a Scirocco with the so called ‘premium bluetooth kit’ but alas my iPhone does not work.

    1. Will this kit allow me to use the multifunction steering wheel controls?

    2. And will it use the factory fitted microphone?

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Hi Mrk,
    I am in the same position as you. I wonder if anyone can help us.
    I just bought a 2010 Scirocco. the garage knew that the rsap supplied would not work with my iPhone so they ordered me part 1Z0035729E. I have plugged it in but when I do, my RNS 510 does not have the phone setup facility available anymore. I have seen on ebay that I need to re-program with VAG-com. Can you help as to what i should do? Many thanks

  11. Hello Spydaboy, thanks for your reply.

    Did your dealer pay for the part as compensation?

    Yes I believe the part needs to know what car its talking to. I’ve read that ‘coding is needed to operate bluetooth in your car’ and when you buy it off ebay they ask for your cars detials, so I assume this means that they program it. So surely your VW dealer can do this, and there must be instructions with the unit to tell them how?

  12. Hey
    Has anyone got the A2DP to work on a 1Z0035729C / RCD510? It should work, and my RCD510 shows “BT-Audio”, but it’s disabled and cannot be selected. The BT unit doesn’t seem to support A2DP when I connect with my IPhone 3GS. Everything else works perfect.

  13. I ordered and received the 1z0035729E from EBay. I have a 2009 Rabbit with Half Height MFD. Does anyone know if this will work?

  14. AFAIK only the bluetooth interface “1K8 035 730” (also with A, B, C and D – sold with option code 9W2/9W8) support A2DP! The “Skoda” interfaces “1Z0 035 729” (also with A, B, C, D and E – sold with option code 9W3) don’t support A2DP!

    So please

  15. Is it possible that the interface box 1Z0 035 729 exist as well without any index? I have an offer and picture of the box showing clearing NO index? Thanks for advise

  16. Hello everybody!

    What about part number 1Z0035729E Spydaboy was talking about? I just got it from Polish guys but if it was replaced with my old BT module in my 2010 Passat which has a premium bluetooth factory fitted, nothing happened. What was wrong there?

  17. Hi,
    i’ve also now ordered the 1z0035729 E kit. Does any one have any more information regarding this (I was told this was the latest one). Oh well, if nothing comes up, i’ll give an update when i’ve received and installed mine.


  18. Hi Guys,

    What is the latest on the update with the 1Z0035729E? Does it play nice with the latest phones, A2DP and the White Dot MFD.

    I just got myself a Skoda Octavia vRS, down here in Australia and want to add bluetooth to my car and trying to figure out which is the latest Genuine integrated bluetooth adapter that works with all the newer phones such as the iPhone and Android phones. I haven’t seen it mentioned but are these bluetooth GSM II or GSM III or something else entirely?

    Hope to hear from someone, anyone soon!

  19. Hi,

    I have the 1Z0035729B unit and have just changed my Passat (red dot) to a MY2010 Tiguan which has white dot matrix. Will the 1Z0035729B work in the Tig or do I need to change for the C or D model.

    Thanks Rich

  20. I have a 1Z0 035 729E for white/back DIS cars… 100% working. Through my rns510 but i have RED DIS

    Need a 1z0 035 729B for my Golf MKV… anyone up for a swap or sale?

  21. Hi there, is there a definitive answer on these questions yet.
    Red dot MFD scirocco

    Will a box ending in 730 C D or E work or does it have to be one that ends in B


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