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Entering setup on the RNS 510 with recent firmware

Recent firmware versions of the RNS 510 require you to use VCDS to enable you to enter the setup mode.

  • Open Channel 37 – Navigation
  • Click on Adaption
  • Enter 50 into the channel box or use the up arrow
  • Change the value from 0 to 1
  • Click on test and press code
  • Exit VCDS and reboot the RNS 510
  • Once the unit has started to reboot press and hold the setup key for around 10-20 seconds (if this fails reboot and try it again)

To reboot the unit press the < > and i button (same procedure as use ctrl-alt-delete on a pc – press and hold each button until the last one is pressed).

8 comments to Entering setup on the RNS 510 with recent firmware

  • Adam

    Do you leave the value at ‘1’ or do you set back to ‘0’ when finished?

  • Rich

    Hi I have sW 1100 and have done this and i can still get in the setup / test memu

    I have done a restart and also the car has been parked up over night and it still allows me in ..


  • Dre

    Just the same here. I changed block 50 from 0 to 1, but i can’t get into hidden menu, also after e few resets.

  • […] then there's a setting which will need to be changed in Vagcom which will then allow you. See here for further info on that. MY10 Silver R36 Wagon – First time VW owner Reply With Quote […]

  • Mark

    Hi There from Australia

    I want to upgrade my new RCD-310 Radio/CD Stacker to an RNS-510 SatNav.

    Can you please tell me if the VagCom microCAN can read the 4 digit security code from the unit I pull out, so I can give the code to whoever buys it ?

    Also, when I put the new unit in the car, will it over-ride and save the code for the SatNav into the car. (From what I understand, the code gets stored in one of the other modules on the Bus outside of the SatNav, so that you never have to enter the code again if you drop power.

    Also, most importantly, do you know what happens on the latest model RNS-510 if you get the code wrong after a couple of goes — Does it “brick” the unit requiring reset from VW or does it just lock you out for a time period ?

    Many thanks

    • Maverick

      The code for the existing head unit will need to be supplied by the dealer and the RNS 510 locks you out for 1 hour after each set of attempts to unlock and will also need it’s own code.

  • To enable entering setup in RCD 510 you need to opne channel 56-Radio. The rest is the same as in RNS 510.

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